africa, the land of milk and excuses


Some few months ago, while watching a security programme on television (crime watch) I began to think about the various confessions that I have heard from some of the criminals interviewed. And one word that always strikes was “it was the work of the devil”. A lot of people will argue with you that there is nothing like the devil and that man is the God and the devil of his life. But when some of these people are caught in one crime or the other, they blame it on the devil who they don’t believe exist. A popular criminal was caught in Benin City some years ago and he blamed his mother for encouraging him into robbery.
Africa is so blessed with both natural and human resources but the problem is that; people will always give excuses for their inability to think and create a way to legally partake of these milk and honey. Some even blame the government for their woes and poverty while others blame it on their parents, uncles, and even siblings for not given them the right education. I have also discovered that Africans love to play smart by looking for someone or something to put the blames on. Why can’t we take responsibilities for our lives and accept responsibilities for our actions and decisions?
Some years ago, I watched on television a guy who claimed to be a graduate of agriculture from one of the universities in Nigeria blaming the government for his inability to get a job and thereby becoming a motorbike rider. Some even blame the power sector for their poverty, some others blame their lecturers, and some others blame the roads while some even blame it on the church for not teaching them sound spiritual principles for living.
A guy turned himself to an atheist because he blamed Jesus Christ for not healing his mother before she eventually died. While growing up as a young lad, I used to blame my dad for my failures, I thought he was not caring and supportive so I vowed not to take care of him in his old age (but I have changed my mind). But as I began to grow in knowledge, I discovered that nobody was responsible for my life but me. I am whatsoever I want to become. As I discovered my vision for life, I found out that my vision was bigger than my country. So why should I put my life in the hand of the government that my vision is bigger than.
Nobody caused my pains and failures, nobody caused your unemployment, nobody or government made you to engage in illegalities. You are who you think of becoming. So let’s stop putting our lives on mortal men or government, let’s start learning how to take and accept responsibility for our lives.
If you die poor or rich it is your fault and the fault of your government of friends.
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why surfing through the internet, i came across this article on and i want to share it with you. please note that this is not mine. i don’t do this all the time but i just decided to.

A few weeks ago, Dave Kerpen, author and chief executive of Likeable Local, received a postcard that illustrated the traits and behaviors of successful and unsuccessful people.  

The card came from fellow Entrepreneurs Organization member Andy Bailey, the chief executive of Petra Coach. Although the two CEOs have never met, Kerpen said in a recent LinkedIn post that the postcard has had a profound effect on him, “reinforcing values I believe in and reminding me on a daily basis of the attitudes and habits that I know I need to embrace in order to become successful.”


The postcard points out 16 big differences between successful and unsuccessful people. 

1. Successful people embrace change. Unsuccessful people fear it. “Embracing change is one of the hardest things a person can do,” Kerpen says. With the world moving fast and technology accelerating at a rapid speed, it’s imperative that we embrace these changes and adapt, rather than fear them, deny then, or hide from them, he says. Successful people are able to do just that. 

2. Successful people talk about ideas. Unsuccessful people talk about people. Instead of gossiping about people — which gets you nowhere — successful people discuss ideas. “Sharing ideas with others will only make them better,” Kerpen says.

3. Successful people accept responsibility for their failures. Unsuccessful people blame others. Truly successful leaders and businesspeople experience both ups and downs in their lives and careers. But they always accept responsibility for their failures. Kerpen says blaming others solves nothing. “It just puts other people down and absolutely no good comes from it.” 

4. Successful people give others all the credit for their victories. Unsuccessful people take all the credit from others. Letting people have their moments to shine motives them to work harder, and, consequently, makes you look better as a leader or teammate. 

5. Successful people want others to succeed. Unsuccessful people secretly hope others fail. “When you’re in an organization with a group of people, in order to be successful, you all have to be successful,” Kerpen explains. That’s why the most successful people don’t wish for their demise; they want to see their co-workers succeed and grow. 

Other major differences: successful people exude joy, share data and information, read every day, and continuously learn, while unsuccessful people exude anger, hoard data and information, watch TV every day, and fly by the seat of their pants.

The Parable of the Entrepreneurs


While studying one of the greatest books that has ever been written (the bible), I came across this story of the entrepreneurs that I want to write about. I am not telling you this because I speak and teach about entrepreneurship but because it is the truth. The truth is, the most effective way to know if you have what you claim to have is by venturing into entrepreneurship. Believe you me; I respect entrepreneurs more than the highest paid CEOs or Managing Directors’ in the world. It doesn’t matter if the entrepreneur has a struggling business; he or she is still highly respected than an employee.


A master was about to travel, then he called his servants and told them about his trip, he told them how precious they were to him and also how he values every dime that he has. The master was an entrepreneur, because he was a prudent spender, he only spends his money on what will yield profits and also touch the lives of the people. So he was a social entrepreneur.

The master believe so much in entrepreneurship to the extend that he was waiting for that day that one of his servants will inform him of his or her intention to start a business of his or her own.


So, in order to test their loyalty and abilities, he decided to go on a journey, not because he needed it but because he wanted to know those servants that will be able to dare him and think out of the box. He wanted to make some of them leaders over his house; they were all fighting over the leadership positions. He wanted to know those that have the qualities of an entrepreneur so that he can make them leaders of his house. He wanted someone that has the 7 entrepreneurial foundations, and also someone that he could trust. In order to test them, he decided to give them different amount of money. He gave the first one $5, the second he gave $2 and the third $1 and left on his disguised journey. The man with $1 felt so angry that he gave him the smallest amount so he went and hid it.


The other 2 dared their master, thought out of the box, threw fear out of the window and went and brought the book where they have written all the business ideas that they have had all this years. They attended seminars, read books, made friends with entrepreneurs because they wanted to succeed. They were determined, they knew what they had, and they knew that they have the ability to double or even multiply the money. They wanted to prove to their master that they were not born to die as servants to men that they also had the abilities to become masters. They didn’t care what was going to happen to them if the business fails; they just knew in their heart that even if they fail in the business, at least they tried.


They were ready to accept responsibility for their life, responsibility for their decisions and responsibility for their actions. When they were planning, the other servant was mocking them, he thought they were going to fail because they were not in the big cities and developed countries of the world. He just wanted to play it safe with their master, he knew that their master doesn’t joke with his money, he thought that since he was a servant he had no business starting a business, he was satisfied with the meagre salary and free accommodation that he had access to, he didn’t want to lose his job because he had families to feed, he was wicked because he felt that even if he invest his money like others the profit will still go to their master, he was a mediocre because all he wanted in life was to be able to feed himself and his family, he was foolish because the only place that he could think to hide his money was in the ground, and  he was lazy because he was too lazy to do a feasibility study and start a company.


I also discovered that the master didn’t give him $1 because he was partial but because he wanted him to multiply his money so that he can tell people of how one of his servant turned $1 to $100 which will make news and then make him a leader over his house. The other two knew that their master loved the other more than them and they also perceived the plan so this made them invest their money in order to prove to their master and also to the country that the fact that they are servants doesn’t make them failures. When the master came from his journey, the first thing he did was to ask how they spent the money he gave them. According to the story, the servant he gave $5 dollars came back with $10, $2 came back with $5 while the guy with one was so happy because he thought that the master will praise him for obeying the instructions of the master. He brought the $1 dollar that he was given and his $1 was given to the man with the highest returns.


Life is like the parable of the entrepreneurs, where everyone is given free oxygen but made to pass through different situations of life. Some are born in the slumps while some grew up in islands and duplexes. God made everything like that, not because he is a wicked God but because he want to use you to prove to the world that a poor man or woman from the poorest nation of the world can become the world richest. It doesn’t matter your condition or your family background, you too can become an entrepreneur and a successful one at that. Don’t let anyone make you to hide your entrepreneurial skills and abilities by holding you down with higher pay and promotions in their own companies.


Don’t allow your emotions for your family and loved ones to belittle you and make you an employee and servant to someone else. Just like the first guy in the parable of the entrepreneurs who lost his place and the benefits that accompanied it because he was scared to experience what he feels like to be a master of his own. Don’t let the word that “everybody cannot be entrepreneurs” deceive you and kill your swag. Don’t let the lack of capital stop you because the first thing you need in order to become successful in life is not finance but entrepreneurial knowledge. Take fear away from your heart, if it is not possible for you to become a successful entrepreneur I will tell you because I will not push you into doing things that is not profitable. Be wise, be an entrepreneur.


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Born In a Manger


After reading through the story of Jesus Christ, how he was born, his family background, the environment in which he was born, I came to the conclusion that he was not born in a manger because his parents wanted to give birth to their first child in a unique way and in a different environment but because that was the situation that they could not change. A lot of Africans where born in one manger or the other but that was not what our parents choose but because those where the situations they couldn’t change at that time. Being born in a manger doesn’t mean that you should remain poor for life neither does it mean that you are inferior to those born in developed nations of the world but because that’s the plan.

There is no great glory without a great story, so any glory you see or hear about that does not have a story behind it is a fake glory. Born in a manger simply means to be born into poverty, it means to be born into stagnation, being born into frustration etc. I can remember vividly when I was growing up as a little child, I always ask myself while the creator created me and didn’t put me into the family of the great and affluent but into a very poor family where it was difficult to afford garri (roasted cassava meal) to drink, and a family where we couldn’t eat what we felt like eating. I felt God was partial, wicked, inconsiderate, and doesn’t exist because there were situations that made it look like there is no God.

But as I began to grow in knowledge, I began to understand that every one was born to fulfil a purpose here on earth. And life has to take you through some situations in order for you to experience what people you were sent to have experienced or are experiencing. For instance, the child of the richest man in your country cannot go to the slumps in his country to motivate the people there about what they are passing through. And even if he tries, there is the possibility that some of the poor people might not listen to him because he doesn’t understand what they are passing through because he wasn’t born in a manger.

Whenever I speak about poverty and entrepreneurship, I always sense this funny attitude among some of my listeners; that attitude where they think that I will not understand their plight and conditions. but that attitude always changes when I begin to share with them my poverty experiences. The manger experience has always been one of the things that spur most mangerite if I may call us, to succeed more in life. I always wonder how I would have been able to motivate and teach the poor people about entrepreneurship so that they can leave the poverty lane if I wasn’t born in a manger.

Don’t allow your environment or situations behind your birth to bring you down in your quest to succeed, never allow those that were born in duplexes and palaces to look down on you because of the wealth of their parents that they didn’t work for, you were born in a manger for a purpose and you must fulfil purpose if only you wont give up or allow your past to eat up your destiny. You have been programmed to survive that situations of your life, you can be great because that’s while you were created.

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The Money Generation



While sitting and chatting with an elderly woman, she told me that the problem of the world today is not necessarily because of bad government but because of the high level of youth desperation to make money. Some old people call this generation the “get rich quick” generation. While some call us the “get rich quick or die” generation. Thinking about these opinions, are these older generation really wrong about us? Some few years ago, I was in a place with some friends and we heard two guys discussing and one of them was telling the other that he has vowed in life that he must commit suicide if he doesn’t get rich before the age of 30.

Should we necessarily blame it on the government or blame it on our quest for luxury and relevance? On my own opinion, I believe that with the right knowledge these desperations to make money by any means can be use positively.  Those who succeed more in life are those that are hungrier to succeed. Some few years ago, while conducting a feasibility study for a tech idea I had, I saw a property that I liked and was up for sale, so I went to the owner of the property to know the cost of the property.

When the owner saw how young I was, he started asking me questions that were not relevant and he told me to wait till I graduate from the university before I start looking for money because I told him that I was an undergraduate. He ended up increasing the price in order to scare me away.

The fact that people of this generation wants to start a company or go into any venture in an early age doesn’t mean that we are desperate for money. We are just desperate to make impact at an early age than our fathers. I don’t want to retire from active service at 65 like my dad neither do I want to follow the herd like the past generation but I just want to be recognised as a problem solver at an early age.

A lot of people have hindered or slow down their success pace all because of the money generation mentality. Stop killing your child’s talents because you think that they are desperate to make money. But rather, look for ways to manage this desperation by going for knowledge in order to make good use of life.

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Welcome To My World

 John Uwangue

NAME: John U. Uwangue

DATE OF BIRTH: 30TH April 1987

OCCUPATION: Motivational Speaker, author and entrepreneur. I am the host of entrepreneurs’ factory’s broadcast which can be downloaded or listened to on this blog or on itune

CITY OF BIRTH: Asaba, Delta state.




“Purpose is the reason while you are breathing, the earlier you discover it the more your chances of living”


“Anyone who tells that money is not good definitely has a hand in your poverty” (MIKE MURDOCK)


“Only fools doubt proofs” (DR. DAVID OYEDEPO)


“The time for Africa has come, go unveil mysteries in entrepreneurship”


To raise and impact 1 billion Africans entrepreneurs in my life time


HOW RICH I WANT TO BE: Richer than you can ever imagine

HOBBIES: travelling, reading, socialising, writing and surfing the internet.



COMPANY: Entrepreneurs’ factory Inc. and JC Communications Limited



My mum thought that I was going to be a lawyer because of my analysing of issues. Well, I found my purpose and passion in speaking/teaching, writing about entrepreneurship. I don’t struggle for speaking engagements, neither do I pursue after money but after avenues to impact.


A lot of people are always amazed when they read my articles or listen to my broadcast or podcasts on entrepreneurship because they thought I didn’t study business in the university so they always ask “where has this guy these powerful principles and keys to success. Well, I am a sent man from a great God so don’t judge me with my face or experience but just judge me with my teachings and motivations. My inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit of God.

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