Born In a Manger


After reading through the story of Jesus Christ, how he was born, his family background, the environment in which he was born, I came to the conclusion that he was not born in a manger because his parents wanted to give birth to their first child in a unique way and in a different environment but because that was the situation that they could not change. A lot of Africans where born in one manger or the other but that was not what our parents choose but because those where the situations they couldn’t change at that time. Being born in a manger doesn’t mean that you should remain poor for life neither does it mean that you are inferior to those born in developed nations of the world but because that’s the plan.

There is no great glory without a great story, so any glory you see or hear about that does not have a story behind it is a fake glory. Born in a manger simply means to be born into poverty, it means to be born into stagnation, being born into frustration etc. I can remember vividly when I was growing up as a little child, I always ask myself while the creator created me and didn’t put me into the family of the great and affluent but into a very poor family where it was difficult to afford garri (roasted cassava meal) to drink, and a family where we couldn’t eat what we felt like eating. I felt God was partial, wicked, inconsiderate, and doesn’t exist because there were situations that made it look like there is no God.

But as I began to grow in knowledge, I began to understand that every one was born to fulfil a purpose here on earth. And life has to take you through some situations in order for you to experience what people you were sent to have experienced or are experiencing. For instance, the child of the richest man in your country cannot go to the slumps in his country to motivate the people there about what they are passing through. And even if he tries, there is the possibility that some of the poor people might not listen to him because he doesn’t understand what they are passing through because he wasn’t born in a manger.

Whenever I speak about poverty and entrepreneurship, I always sense this funny attitude among some of my listeners; that attitude where they think that I will not understand their plight and conditions. but that attitude always changes when I begin to share with them my poverty experiences. The manger experience has always been one of the things that spur most mangerite if I may call us, to succeed more in life. I always wonder how I would have been able to motivate and teach the poor people about entrepreneurship so that they can leave the poverty lane if I wasn’t born in a manger.

Don’t allow your environment or situations behind your birth to bring you down in your quest to succeed, never allow those that were born in duplexes and palaces to look down on you because of the wealth of their parents that they didn’t work for, you were born in a manger for a purpose and you must fulfil purpose if only you wont give up or allow your past to eat up your destiny. You have been programmed to survive that situations of your life, you can be great because that’s while you were created.

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