The Parable of the Entrepreneurs


While studying one of the greatest books that has ever been written (the bible), I came across this story of the entrepreneurs that I want to write about. I am not telling you this because I speak and teach about entrepreneurship but because it is the truth. The truth is, the most effective way to know if you have what you claim to have is by venturing into entrepreneurship. Believe you me; I respect entrepreneurs more than the highest paid CEOs or Managing Directors’ in the world. It doesn’t matter if the entrepreneur has a struggling business; he or she is still highly respected than an employee.


A master was about to travel, then he called his servants and told them about his trip, he told them how precious they were to him and also how he values every dime that he has. The master was an entrepreneur, because he was a prudent spender, he only spends his money on what will yield profits and also touch the lives of the people. So he was a social entrepreneur.

The master believe so much in entrepreneurship to the extend that he was waiting for that day that one of his servants will inform him of his or her intention to start a business of his or her own.


So, in order to test their loyalty and abilities, he decided to go on a journey, not because he needed it but because he wanted to know those servants that will be able to dare him and think out of the box. He wanted to make some of them leaders over his house; they were all fighting over the leadership positions. He wanted to know those that have the qualities of an entrepreneur so that he can make them leaders of his house. He wanted someone that has the 7 entrepreneurial foundations, and also someone that he could trust. In order to test them, he decided to give them different amount of money. He gave the first one $5, the second he gave $2 and the third $1 and left on his disguised journey. The man with $1 felt so angry that he gave him the smallest amount so he went and hid it.


The other 2 dared their master, thought out of the box, threw fear out of the window and went and brought the book where they have written all the business ideas that they have had all this years. They attended seminars, read books, made friends with entrepreneurs because they wanted to succeed. They were determined, they knew what they had, and they knew that they have the ability to double or even multiply the money. They wanted to prove to their master that they were not born to die as servants to men that they also had the abilities to become masters. They didn’t care what was going to happen to them if the business fails; they just knew in their heart that even if they fail in the business, at least they tried.


They were ready to accept responsibility for their life, responsibility for their decisions and responsibility for their actions. When they were planning, the other servant was mocking them, he thought they were going to fail because they were not in the big cities and developed countries of the world. He just wanted to play it safe with their master, he knew that their master doesn’t joke with his money, he thought that since he was a servant he had no business starting a business, he was satisfied with the meagre salary and free accommodation that he had access to, he didn’t want to lose his job because he had families to feed, he was wicked because he felt that even if he invest his money like others the profit will still go to their master, he was a mediocre because all he wanted in life was to be able to feed himself and his family, he was foolish because the only place that he could think to hide his money was in the ground, and  he was lazy because he was too lazy to do a feasibility study and start a company.


I also discovered that the master didn’t give him $1 because he was partial but because he wanted him to multiply his money so that he can tell people of how one of his servant turned $1 to $100 which will make news and then make him a leader over his house. The other two knew that their master loved the other more than them and they also perceived the plan so this made them invest their money in order to prove to their master and also to the country that the fact that they are servants doesn’t make them failures. When the master came from his journey, the first thing he did was to ask how they spent the money he gave them. According to the story, the servant he gave $5 dollars came back with $10, $2 came back with $5 while the guy with one was so happy because he thought that the master will praise him for obeying the instructions of the master. He brought the $1 dollar that he was given and his $1 was given to the man with the highest returns.


Life is like the parable of the entrepreneurs, where everyone is given free oxygen but made to pass through different situations of life. Some are born in the slumps while some grew up in islands and duplexes. God made everything like that, not because he is a wicked God but because he want to use you to prove to the world that a poor man or woman from the poorest nation of the world can become the world richest. It doesn’t matter your condition or your family background, you too can become an entrepreneur and a successful one at that. Don’t let anyone make you to hide your entrepreneurial skills and abilities by holding you down with higher pay and promotions in their own companies.


Don’t allow your emotions for your family and loved ones to belittle you and make you an employee and servant to someone else. Just like the first guy in the parable of the entrepreneurs who lost his place and the benefits that accompanied it because he was scared to experience what he feels like to be a master of his own. Don’t let the word that “everybody cannot be entrepreneurs” deceive you and kill your swag. Don’t let the lack of capital stop you because the first thing you need in order to become successful in life is not finance but entrepreneurial knowledge. Take fear away from your heart, if it is not possible for you to become a successful entrepreneur I will tell you because I will not push you into doing things that is not profitable. Be wise, be an entrepreneur.


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