africa, the land of milk and excuses


Some few months ago, while watching a security programme on television (crime watch) I began to think about the various confessions that I have heard from some of the criminals interviewed. And one word that always strikes was “it was the work of the devil”. A lot of people will argue with you that there is nothing like the devil and that man is the God and the devil of his life. But when some of these people are caught in one crime or the other, they blame it on the devil who they don’t believe exist. A popular criminal was caught in Benin City some years ago and he blamed his mother for encouraging him into robbery.
Africa is so blessed with both natural and human resources but the problem is that; people will always give excuses for their inability to think and create a way to legally partake of these milk and honey. Some even blame the government for their woes and poverty while others blame it on their parents, uncles, and even siblings for not given them the right education. I have also discovered that Africans love to play smart by looking for someone or something to put the blames on. Why can’t we take responsibilities for our lives and accept responsibilities for our actions and decisions?
Some years ago, I watched on television a guy who claimed to be a graduate of agriculture from one of the universities in Nigeria blaming the government for his inability to get a job and thereby becoming a motorbike rider. Some even blame the power sector for their poverty, some others blame their lecturers, and some others blame the roads while some even blame it on the church for not teaching them sound spiritual principles for living.
A guy turned himself to an atheist because he blamed Jesus Christ for not healing his mother before she eventually died. While growing up as a young lad, I used to blame my dad for my failures, I thought he was not caring and supportive so I vowed not to take care of him in his old age (but I have changed my mind). But as I began to grow in knowledge, I discovered that nobody was responsible for my life but me. I am whatsoever I want to become. As I discovered my vision for life, I found out that my vision was bigger than my country. So why should I put my life in the hand of the government that my vision is bigger than.
Nobody caused my pains and failures, nobody caused your unemployment, nobody or government made you to engage in illegalities. You are who you think of becoming. So let’s stop putting our lives on mortal men or government, let’s start learning how to take and accept responsibility for our lives.
If you die poor or rich it is your fault and the fault of your government of friends.
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