The Money Generation



While sitting and chatting with an elderly woman, she told me that the problem of the world today is not necessarily because of bad government but because of the high level of youth desperation to make money. Some old people call this generation the “get rich quick” generation. While some call us the “get rich quick or die” generation. Thinking about these opinions, are these older generation really wrong about us? Some few years ago, I was in a place with some friends and we heard two guys discussing and one of them was telling the other that he has vowed in life that he must commit suicide if he doesn’t get rich before the age of 30.

Should we necessarily blame it on the government or blame it on our quest for luxury and relevance? On my own opinion, I believe that with the right knowledge these desperations to make money by any means can be use positively.  Those who succeed more in life are those that are hungrier to succeed. Some few years ago, while conducting a feasibility study for a tech idea I had, I saw a property that I liked and was up for sale, so I went to the owner of the property to know the cost of the property.

When the owner saw how young I was, he started asking me questions that were not relevant and he told me to wait till I graduate from the university before I start looking for money because I told him that I was an undergraduate. He ended up increasing the price in order to scare me away.

The fact that people of this generation wants to start a company or go into any venture in an early age doesn’t mean that we are desperate for money. We are just desperate to make impact at an early age than our fathers. I don’t want to retire from active service at 65 like my dad neither do I want to follow the herd like the past generation but I just want to be recognised as a problem solver at an early age.

A lot of people have hindered or slow down their success pace all because of the money generation mentality. Stop killing your child’s talents because you think that they are desperate to make money. But rather, look for ways to manage this desperation by going for knowledge in order to make good use of life.

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